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Style. Design. Service

Hi, my name is Janne Vaneeckhoutte. Ever since I was little, I dreamed of being part of the fashion world.The older I got, the more it stimulated me to do something with fashion. Now I'm 21 and my dream is coming true: my own store OSCARE. Besides OSCARE, I am a student of international entrepreneurship, a perfect combination of my two main interests: entrepreneurship and going abroad. 

Through OSCARE. I will show my own style to the outside world, combining something BASICS with something UNIQUE.


Where does OSCARE. come from?

FUN fact since my childhood I always wanted a dog named OSCARE, but after a few years of nagging, there is still no extra family member.  But who knows, maybe one day the store will have a new friend and he will definitely be called OSCARE. :)